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My at Home Gel Nail Manicure

So I re-did my gel nails. I got some of it on the skin so the last manicure was lifting. I was sure to  be careful and clean the skin off this time before curing the gel. I think this set came out pretty good 🙂

Products used:

I first used my: Nail Tek Base Coat

Then I used two coats of China Glaze Champagne Bubbles

I then used two coats of this cheap gold glitter nail polish I picked up at a BSS years ago.

Next, the striping w/LA Colors Art Deco (black & white):

I then added dots using an orange wood stick and black & white polish.

I added some more white stripes, along with silver stripes and rhinestones.

I sealed with a gel top coat and flash cured two fingers at a time under my LED lamp for 10 seconds.

flash cure [flash] [kyoor]: to cure under light for a very short period of time.

Watch the video:

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