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NOTM: Royal Nail Art

I named this royal because that is what I thought of when I saw how the colors came together. I think the maroon and gold really characterize this look.

Here’s what I used:

  • Nicole by OPI – Shoot for the Maroon
  • LA Colors Striping Polish (Gold Glitter, Black, White)
  • Ruby Kisses French White **for the dots
  • Reinforcement labels for the french tip **not pictured

Step 1: Stick on reinforcement labels to act as a guide for the french tip.

I personally do not like these. The shape is too circular and it does not fit the shape of my nails well at all. Also, it didn’t form a good enough seal so some polish got below the guide–this could be user error.

Step 2: Add the french tip

Step 3: Add black stripes, white, and gold stripes.

Step 4: Add dots.

Finished look. This was taken the next day in natural light.

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