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Twist & Curl Without Perm Rods or Rollers

Here is a technique I came up with for a twist and curl that does not use roller or rods. How is that possible you ask? Well…………..the answer is bantu knots 😀

I did about 14 twists in my hair, then half way up, I made a bantu knot.

I really like this method and I will never use rods or rollers again for this look. I find that this is also very comfortable to sleep in as opposed to the alternatives. Rods and rollers can hurt your head if you sleep in them. Plus, if you do go under the dryer, sometimes they can’t fit. LOL. Let me add that on the second day of this style, I just used one product. Can you guess what that is? WATER!!!! Water was my styling product. So easy, so simple. Keep reading to see more pics.


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