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Tips for Polishing Your Nails

Here are some tips that I’d like to share with you that have helped me to get the best looking nails. These tips can be applied (pun intended) to any kind of nail polish:

  • The first coat is your base color, not to be confused with base coat. This layer sets the background, so to speak and allows you to build the opaqueness of the nail polish. For the first coat, dip the brush and gently wipe a bit off the side of the bottle. Apply light pressure evenly over the entire nail.
  • For the second coat, load up the brush slightly more than normal and glide it over the nail, applying NO pressure. This particular method ensures that you get no streaks and your final look is nice and smooth.
  • Make sure to allow adequate time to dry between coats. I’d give it 10-15 minutes before applying the second coat. For the final top coat, give your nails about 1 hour to fully dry. Allowing enough time between coats allows your nails to dry without bubbles.
  • Apply the top coat in the same manner you applied the second coat of nail polish; loading the brush then gliding it over the nail with NO pressure.


Please excuse the dent in my index finger 🙁 I was not being careful and doing too much before letting me nails dry.

So that leads me into my last tip. Let those nails dry before doing anything! At least one hour. Go watch a movie or put on a tv show or two while you wait.

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