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Hair Shadowing: Temporarily Color Your Hair

Using eyeshadow to change the color of your hair is a great way to add a pop of color without the commitment and danger of harsh chemicals. Using a creme based eyeshadow such as Maybelline Color Tattoos, you can achieve temporary fun colored highlights ^_^.

2nd day in natural sunlight

The application process is simple. My technique is to (wear gloves) scoop out a portion on the eyeshadow with one finger and starting at the root, work my way down the length of the hair. These eyeshadows work great on dark colored hair and the best color can be seen in natural sunlight. I used the entire pot of eyeshadow for my head which was kinda stretching it. Perhaps it I used smaller sections, it would have went a little further. The only con I have is the eyeshadow tends to make the hair a bit on the dry side.

So have fun with your hair and let me see your looks below 🙂
Click for more pics.

UPDATE: This eyeshadow does flake over time. I don’t know if it had to do with the process I used to apply but just be mindful of that if you decide to try. Mine started flaking on day 3. 

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