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How to Organize and Easily Switch Purses

If you are anything like me, your purse can easily become a disaster. Using some tips I found online, I have discovered a way to keep my purse organized and easily switch to another when I’m ready for a new bag. What is my secret you ask? Cosmetic bags! Yes, cosmetic bags. I purchased mine from the dollar tree. There was a two pack and then a single one so I only paid $2 for my three bags. NOTE: The purple organizer is where I keep my coupons and receipts. That cost $1 from the Dollar Tree.

First, make sure each bag is dedicated to one category, I mean, that’s the whole point of using them, right? LOL. Like I said, I have three bags so each is for the following:

  1. Health and Beauty – this includes my sunglasses, pills, lip balm, pair of socks
  2. Electronics – iPod, ear buds, flash drive
  3. Edibles – Gum, condiment packets (hey, ya never know), napkins

    Now I also store my phone, keys, wallet, and puzzle book in my purse. My phone goes in the pocket and my wallet slides in next to the bags as does the puzzle book. I’ve added a caribiner clip to my keys and that clips on to the handle, with the keys hanging inside of course 😉 My pens go in the pocket next to my phone. Switching purses is a breeze. Just remove the organizers from the old and place in the new. VOILA!

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