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Tips for a Successful Bantu Knot Out

Here are some tips I learned over the years that help me keep my bantu knot outs from looking like this (see, I had to throw it in an updo to save it):

Bantu Knot Out Fail

  1. Make sure your hair is fully de-tangled. This will make separating easier and reduce the chance of frizz. 
  2. Smaller sections dry faster and are more defined. If you do a two strand twist and then Bantu knot, it comes out even more defined.
  3. If you do a Bantu knot out on freshly washed hair, give it at least 12 hours (if not more) to dry. If you don’t have that much time, dry hair is better. By dry hair, I mean just lightly spraying with water (add a sealant if you wish) then adding a gel for hold.
  4. In the summer with high humidity, holding products are a must! For holding products, I like Xtreme Wet Line gel.
  5. Make sure the knot is secure. Sometimes the knot unravels itself if it’s not done secure enough.
  6. For the take down, I find that as long as I am careful, my hair does not frizz.

    Hope that helps. Share your pics using these tips, I’d love to see them.

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