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SinfulShine with Gel Tech Final Review

I was very unimpressed with this nail polish. In my initial post, Review & Swatch: SinfulShine Bananappeal on Dark Skin I was underwhelmed with the lack of shine for this polish. It also chipped the next day, even after I sealed with a top coat. I don’t know if using the white undercoat underneath the SinfulShine contributed to the chipping or not. I did everything I normally do: wash dishes, shower, etc.

 Here are my results:

 Day 1:

Day 2: These two pics are actually from a pic I took of something else but this is the only pic I had of the polish this day.

Day 3:

 Day 4:

Look how horribly it chipped on day 4! Yikes. I will give this line one more try and see if maybe it was my method that caused the horrendous chipping. I’d like to get Too Cool for Pool. Unfortunately, I could not find these at my Wal-Mart last time I check so I guess I’ll be looking.

Overall, I wouldn’t buy this if I was looking for a polish that held up for awhile without chipping, cause this ain’t it. I would only buy this if I could catch it on sale for 99 cents or 2 for $3. Some of the colors are nice though. 

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