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Review & Swatch: Ruby Kisses Lip Lacquers in Purple Berry

I first saw this lip gloss in a video by ThomasAdrianna from Youtube. When I saw that color, I knew I had to have it. That weekend, I set out to my local beauty supply and behold, I FOUND IT!!!! This lip gloss was $3.99.

Now on to the review. The lip gloss is verrrry opaque. One coat is all you will need for full coverage. This gloss is not sticky, nor is it thick. It glides on smoothly and the brush applicator is flat and wide, sort of like a spatula rather than the traditional round applicator tip.

I liked that it was flat because I felt it was better for getting the outer part of the lip. The vanilla scent is also very nice although this is not a flavored gloss. I wore my gloss without lip liner. I didn’t feel it was necessary. I did notice that after a couple of hours, the lip gloss crept outward from the corner of my mouth. A couple times while I was out, I had to dab it. Also, it did wear off after drinking so having it with you in your purse for touch ups would be helpful. I didn’t bring mine with me so I just pressed my lips together and it looked fine. As far as moisture level goes, my lips always felt moisturized while I was wearing this lip lacquer.

Overall, I really liked this gloss. I will definitely wear it again and I’m looking forward to trying more colors.

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