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The LOC Method: My Experimentation

So I want to try the LOC method again to see what type of results I can get with my hair. I have low porosity hair so retaining moisture is an absolute must. My current method seems to hold moisture quite well where I find myself needing to only moisturize a couple times per week. I’m going out on a stretch here to see if I can go even longer, maybe down to 1x per week. I will be changing up the oil and creme, depending upon how well I am able to retain moisture.

Trial #1:
Here is what I will be using:

L – Giovanni Direct Leave In
O – Extra Virgin Olive Oil
C – Shea Butter

VERDICT: So, I do not like this particular combination above. I know that my hair doesn’t like Giovanni direct and Shea Butter together but I thought I’d try it with the EVOO sandwiched in between. No.

Trial #2:
Here is what I used:
L – Aunt Jackie’s In Control Moisturizing & Softening Conditioner
C – Shea butter

VERDICT: Again, I do not like this combo. I think the EVOO & Shea Butter together are culprits. My hair otherwise enjoys the Aunt Jackie’s and my Shea Butter mix together.

Two trials were enough to lead me to believe this isn’t for me. Honestly, my hair isn’t too fond of oils as it’s low porosity but I just wanted to give this a try.
The moral of the story here is: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

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