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Twist & Curl Using Wet Line Xtreme Knockoff

This gel caught me by complete surprise as I spotted it in my Dollar Tree. What caught my eye was the color scheme. It looks very similar to Wet Line Xtreme. I noticed that the jar says it’s made by Wet Line. I looked at the ingredients and added it to my cart. Eager to try it when I got home. 
I prepped my hair by lightly misting with water, then I added a small amount of gel to each section and began to twist, then bantu’d the ends. 

Here is the end result:

after fluffing and separating
close up

I must say I am truly impressed. This gel is great. It left my hair soft. It was a tad greasy and I don’t know if that had anything to do with the gel or the products I used on my hair before hand.

Here are the ingredients:

It’s very similar to Wet Line Xtreme’s ingredients but not exactly the same. The fragrance of the knock off is also similar, but not as strong.

5 thoughts on “Twist & Curl Using Wet Line Xtreme Knockoff

  1. I Love the XTREME gel, so when I saw this knock off at Dollar tree for $1, I just had to try. It's a little more wet then the Xtreme gel, but it give a soft hold and make my curls POP like my XTREME GEL!!!!! NICE DUP!!!!

  2. When I saw this in Dollar Tree, I just had to try since the WETLINE XTREME is a STAPLE and the ONLY gel I use. My hair love this stuff and I use it on my Wash N Go. This DUP is Awesome, its has a more wet and loose consistency, but it is AWESOME!!!!!

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