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Freetress Equal Synthetic Deep Invisible L Part Lace Wig – Tammi

I had been wanting to try out a synthetic wig for awhile so I decided to browse the web to see what I could find. I found a few cute ones that I thought I could pull off and ended up settling on Tammi.

I purchased it in a color 2 which in the Freetress line is off black (their colors run dark compared to other brands). The wig has a loose beachy wave and the length comes to slightly above/below the shoulder.

After unboxing the wig, it clearly needed some work. The part is so narrow and really unrealistic. I took my tweezers and use them to make the part a more natural width. Then, I used some brown colored eyeshadow to make it look more realistic. I actually have a YouTube video on that if you’re interested in watching.  I also tweezed the hairline because it had that half moon shape. Next, I had to flip the wig inside out overnight on my wig head because it had that typical cone shape going on. The “lace” (if you can call it that) is so hard and itchy, really uncomfortable. Not sure if there is a remedy for that though.

So I was so excited to try on the wig. It looks really good on the model and on other people’s pictures/videos but I just couldn’t get it to look quite right on me. I think it’s largely do to the fact that I have a really small forehead (about 2 inches from the front of my hairline to the top of my brows) that it makes the wig look like it’s sitting on my face. Also something funny about mine is that even wearing the part off to one side, the length was still asymmetrical :/

Anyway, here’s a few pics.

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