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KISS Everlasting French Nails. How To Make Your Nails Last At Least 1 Week.

I decided to dry these nails again. This time I was able to get a whole seven days (and counting) out of them. How? Well keep reading to find out.

There are a few things that I did differently this time.

  1. “Roughed up” the surface of my nail. Very gently, I took the less coarse side of a nail file and ever so lightly removed the shine from my natural nail.
  2. Use the glue that actually came with the kit. They put there own glue in for a reason, because it’s formulated to work with THEIR NAILS! 🙂
  3. Put the glue on the artificial nail only. I only put glue on the KISS nail, never mine. 
Let me also mention that these have held up even after constantly being exposed to water (showers, dish washing, dog bathing)
But that’s it. These simple things have allowed me to keep these nails on for the past seven days. I plan on going to 14 with these.
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