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How To: Moisturize & Seal Natural Hair While in Crochet Braids

I’m the type of girl that likes to be able to get to her hair while wearing a protective style. So before installing my crochet braids, I thought long and hard about the best, easiest, and quickest way to be able to get moisture to my hair while wearing this style. Then, it dawned on me 💡use a spray! My spray of choice was Luster’s S-Curl No Drip Curl Activator Moisturizer.

I chose this spray because of it’s ingredients, although I later discovered it has a silicone (Simethicone, I don’t care for those) and it’s price. This entire bottle lasted me for the whole six weeks I had my braids in. 
I then used EVOO to seal my edges. 
And that’s it. The process is quick and easy, and takes me about 5 minutes to do. 
Watch the video here:

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