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How I Maintain My Crochet Braids

This is a very simple routine I use from week to week to keep my crochet braids looking their best. Products Used: Isoplus Additions Wig & Weave Foam Styling Mousse Scissors GVP Smoothing Serum WetLine Super Look Gel I divided my hair into two sections. Step 1: Apply Styling Mousse to tame frizz  Step 2: Cut away stray ends Step…

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DIY Gel Nails with ASP Form-A-Nail Dual Forms

I did these nails with ASP dual forms. #DIY #gelnails #lacolors bad romance & 24k gold glitter #maybelline bare it all #balerina #squareletto #bareitall #badromance #24kgold #asp #dualforms #gelnailextensions #dualnailforms A photo posted by Hypnotic Glamour (@theglamlife01) on Nov 7, 2015 at 11:42am PST This set took me a few hours to complete since I had to flash cure each…

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