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Jumbo Havana Twists

Let me start off by saying I LOVE this style and it only took all of two hours to do.

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I’ve been wanting to do jumbo braids but that was not working out for me. Then, I got the idea, “Why not do jumbo twists instead?” It’s so much faster and I’m better at it and VOILA, the idea was born!

I used 5 packs of the Biba Short Lock Twist Hair in the color 1B purchased from my local BSS for $5.99/pack. The hair is 10 inches long. At first, I was quite skeptical it would be long enough but this hair stretches out a great deal. I used 5-6 strands of hair per twist and have about 26-30 twists total in my head. The hair is so incredibly soft but it does tangle a bit so be prepared for that.

I’d like to leave these in for up to 4 weeks if I can. That just means I have to take really good care of them. 😀

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