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Ralph Lauren Tender Romance Fragrance | INFLUENSTER

Hey everyone. I was able to have the opportunity to try out this luxury fragrance from Ralph Lauren. My initial thought on this fragrance was that I wasn’t going to like it. Boy, was I wrong! Keep reading for the rest of my thoughts.According to Ralph Lauren “This women’s fragrance celebrates the sweet and gentle moments of falling in love…

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BEACHBODY: 22 Minute Hard Corps Meal Plan at the 1,200–1,500 Calorie Level

Hey everyone. I usually do not share diet and fitness stuff on this channel but with the summer fast approaching, I really want to make a change in my lifestyle for the better. In an effort to clean up my diet, I adopted the 22 Minute Hard Corp Meal Plan (1,200-1500 Calorie Level). Link here Now first, let me say that…

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