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Acrylic Vs. Gel…Which is Better?

Earlier last year, I got back into doing acrylic nails again after not doing them for about 6 years. I’ve been thinking a lot about the differences, pros vs. cons, etc and decided to discuss it here.

Let’s start with the pros and cons of gel:

  • Self leveling – Gel automatically forms to the shape of your nail and makes a smooth surface. This leaves you with little to no filing time. 
  • Less strong chemical smell – While gel does still have a distinctive smell, it’s not nearly as powerful as acrylic. 
  • Flexibility – This makes the gel more difficult to break and easier to clip if you want to change the length or shape. 
  • Viscosity – Gel is very runny so you can easily make a mess if you’re not careful.
  • Lamp required – Since gel doesn’t cure on it’s own, you’ll have to purchase a lamp to use.
  • Under Cure – You think you cured your nail long enough but turns out it’s not and the gel is still malleable and susceptible to rips and tears. 
  • Cost – Gel cost quite a bit more to buy than acrylic does and as mentioned above, you will also have to buy a lamp. 
Now on to the pros and cons of acrylic:
  • Ease of use – Proper application is really simple and easy to learn. 
  • No lamp required – Just give it a few minutes and it’ll cure on it’s own.
  • Faster – Acrylic sets don’t take as long because you don’t have to keep putting your nails in and out of a lamp.

  • Tedious to soak off – Acrylic takes much longer than gel to soak off nails and many times you’ll have to repeat the process to remove it all. 
  • Difficult to master – I only say this because it takes time and patient to get down the proper liquid to powder ratio.
  • Dulls nails – They’re not very good for scratching an itch since they are not sharp at all.
So here is my list based on my experiences. Please, share yours in the comments below!

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