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Kiss Brush-On Gel Nail Kit

I purchased this kit from CVS for $9.99. I originally went to get the KISS Lightning Speed Quick Dip Acrylic Kit but I didn’t want to spend close to $20. I saw this instead and despite the lack of review online, I decided to give it a try.

There are many positives with this kit.

  1. Price. The kit claims you can do 2 full manicures so you’re paying only $5 for a full set of GEL NAILS! You cannot beat that price anywhere. 
  2. Ease of use. If you’ve ever used an at home nail kit before, you’ll have no problem with this. I think it’s simpler than the soak off gel systems where you have the builder gel and the hard gel. There are certainly more steps with those. 
  3. Look of salon nails right at home. 
Application tips.
  1. I suggest reading through the directions once through before starting. 
  2. Putting the nail tips on at a 45 degree angle, applying from the nail bed to the tip, greatly reduces/eliminates the air pockets. 
  3. Using a nail glue rather than the brush on gel helps the tips stick better. 
Other thoughts:

  • This is actually quite time consuming. I didn’t have a timer but it probably took me about 45 minute to 1 hour to complete both hands.
  • Although the kit does not require the use of a lamp. I used a UV top coat and cured it under my lamp after completing my nails. I also cut my nails down pretty short and filed the sides for a more natural look. 
  • The directions are contradictory. In one step, the kit tells you to let the gel dry completely but the next step says, “while gel is still wet…..” 😕 I just let it “dry” for a few minutes before proceeding. 
  • This kit does not have a strong chemical odor at all but then again, gel typically does not.
  • The brush on gel appears to be noting more than nail glue honestly, just a tad weaker/thinner.
  • When I took a shower that night, I thought I ruined my nails because they were all wrinkly. I just smoothed out the wrinkles and they went back to normal. Not sure what that was all about. 
All in all. The lasted 5 days before I had a nail pop off. After that they seemed to pop off like clockwork. 

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