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DIY: Gelcrylic/Acrygel Nails

Going to the nail salon to get your nails done can get quite pricy, especially if you are paying for quality work. I’ve taken to doing my nails at home and I first started out with acrylics, moved on to gel, and now I’m doing a combination of the two. You’re probably wondering, why use both?

Well…I personally find the combination easier to work with than either one alone. Using them together completely eliminates the need for me to do any filing afterward (since gel is self leveling). Also, the particular product I use, Sensationail Essentials Kit, is so much cheaper than buying a full on gel kit which can run you no less than $50 or even a pot of builder gel which can run at least $15.

Check out my video below where I demo my method.

Products Used.

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