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Do It on a Dollar: Dr. Marvey Bye Bye Cuticles

Hello everyone! This week’s featured product which I picked up from my Dollar Tree is Dr Marvey Bye Bye Cuticles. This product is marketed as a exfoliating cuticle remover.

This is the first time I had tried this product and my hopes were up. However, they quickly came crashing down. It’s very simple to use, just brush it on as you would apply nail polish and then, the magic happens, supposedly.

I was expecting this product to be relatively effective in removing my cuticles completely. That was not the case. It did not soften my cuticles at all. The product just kind of laid on my nail bed. I was looking for an alternative to just using plain water and was hoping I could find something that would be easier and quicker.  I’ve actually gotten better results with the water.

The verdict: I did not like this product one bit. I would not recommend it at all nor would I buy again.

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