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Black History Month Celebration: Marjorie Joyner

Hello everyone! I have another black history fact to share with you all today. Today’s feature is Marjorie Joyner. Background Born October 24, 1896 in Monterey VA. Ms. Joyner is the patent holder for the permanent wave machine. In 1912 at just the young age of 16, she moved to Chicago to pursue her interest in cosmetology. By 1916, she…

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Black History Month Celebration | Theora Stephans

Hello everyone! In continuous of black history month, today’s feature is Theora Stephans. Ms. Stephans, a hairdresser patented the curling iron in the early 1980s. The curling iron as seen below was an all too familiar tool in the black hair salon back in the day. One I’m sure most of you remember. If you have not already, please subscribe…

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