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DIY: Gelcrylic/Acrygel Nails

Going to the nail salon to get your nails done can get quite pricy, especially if you are paying for quality work. I’ve taken to doing my nails at home and I first started out with acrylics, moved on to gel, and now I’m doing a combination of the two. You’re probably wondering, why use both? Well…I personally find the…

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DIY Gel Nails with ASP Form-A-Nail Dual Forms

I did these nails with ASP dual forms. #DIY #gelnails #lacolors bad romance & 24k gold glitter #maybelline bare it all #balerina #squareletto #bareitall #badromance #24kgold #asp #dualforms #gelnailextensions #dualnailforms A photo posted by Hypnotic Glamour (@theglamlife01) on Nov 7, 2015 at 11:42am PST This set took me a few hours to complete since I had to flash cure each…

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Gel Nail Extensions with Nail Forms + Helpful Tips

So I tried my hand again (pun intended) at gel nails. I’m looking for a way to grow out my nails without having to remember to take a vitamin or use a strengthener every day. I decided to do gel nails, this time using forms: Quite honestly, using forms is a nightmare, I think tips are much easier but with…

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