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KISS Everlasting French Nails. How To Make Your Nails Last At Least 1 Week.

I decided to dry these nails again. This time I was able to get a whole seven days (and counting) out of them. How? Well keep reading to find out. There are a few things that I did differently this time. “Roughed up” the surface of my nail. Very gently, I took the less coarse side of a nail file…

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Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear – Peach Beach

So I picked this polish up from my local Dollar Tree. The color is so pretty and perfect for Spring. It resembles more or a coral color indoors but it reveals it’s true pink hue outdoors with natural sunlight. The formula for this polish is terrible. It’s so thick and I’ve tried thinning it out but that hasn’t helped. The…

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Revlon Color Stay Nail Polish: Rich Raspberry

I hauled this polish (and about 20 others from the collection) from my Dollar Tree. This is a deep fuchsia/magenta color. The formula is really smooth and it’s almost completely opaque in one coat. The color is very true to how it looks in the bottle. I think the brush is shaped kind of weird. Kind of like a J…

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How to: Safely and Easily Remove Acrylic Nails

So remember the pink french acrylic nail set I had? Well, I’ve since removed those and I thought I’d take you through the process. Let’s start with the things you will need. Coarse Nail File100% Pure AcetoneCotton BallsAluminum Foil Step 1:  File the top layer of your nail. This is to break through the surface to make the nails easier…

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